1. The Society shall be called "The Society for the Protection of Children in Western India". The "Home" of the Society shall be known as "The Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Home for Children".
  2. The Objects of the Society are:
    • to provide a home for children needing protection.
    • to rescue children from the streets of Mumbai.
    • to pass such children on when necessary to existing Charitable institutions.
    • to assist in the prevention of begging and every improper use made of children by adults.
    • to assist in the redressal of the public and private wrongs of children and to prevent the corruption of their morals.
    • to take action for the enforcement of the existing laws for the protection of the children, and if necessary, to suggest new laws or amendment in the home.
    • to educate children in the home.
    • to provide and maintain an organisation for these objects.
    • to provide and receive donations, contributions or gifts of cash securities or movable or inmovable properties of every nature and kind from any person or persons, bodies and / or Societies for promoting the above objects or calculated to advance the same either free of any terms or conditions on such terms or conditions as the executive Committee of the Society may approve.
  3. It shall also be one of the aims of the Society by various means, such as lecture and distribution of literature to disseminate right views in regard to the training and up-bringing of Children and to create and direct public opinion in favour of the rational and human treatment of Children.