Our tailoring class trains our girls in cutting, sewing, embroidery, etc. Our children stitch homewear garments under the guidance of Mrs Shehnaz Ali.

Basic Computers

Our children undergo basic computer training through the good offices of our Chairman, Maneck Davar.


Children enjoy our collection of books and magazines. We will gratefully accept any more books and magazines published in Hindi, Marathi or English.


Independence Day, Republic Day and all other major festivals in India are celebrated through the year.


We encourage children to observe their own religious beliefs. Morning and evening prayers and observance of all important Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals have helped in fostering a spirit of brotherhood, love and tolerance amongst children of different communities.


Socials and excursions are arranged periodically for the children. Many outside voluntary organisations help our children in the above activities.

Recreation and Cultural Activities

The children continue taking increased interest in recreational activities which include excursions, cinema shows, indoor and outdoor games, vocal/instrumental music and participation in competition and selected TV programs.


Regular weekly health check-ups are carried out by doctors. Almost all of our residents enjoy sound health; great care is taken to give the residents balanced nutritious diet. Each child is given fruits, milk, eggs, etc. Great care and attention is given to keep our surroundings clean and hygienic. Minor ailments are treated by physicians working in the area. Children suffering from major ailments or infectious diseases are hospitalised in Kasturba, K.E.M and Sion Hospitals, or any other hospital as recommended by the physician.